Prof. Udi Qimron

As an Independent Principal Investigator at Tel Aviv University for the last 10 years, Prof. Qimron led one of the most productive labs in the Faculty of Medicine. He won the “Best Publication Award” consecutively three times in a row since the establishment of the prize in 2015. Furthermore, Udi’s lab has published over 30 scientific papers, many of which are in top tier journals such as Nature, Nature Microbiology, PNAS and more. Moreover, a recent groundbreaking study was published in Molecular Cell and it is featured on the cover page of the journal.

Udi has been invited to contribute his opinions and/or review articles by leading journals including Nature, Science, Cell and Molecular Cell, reflecting the recognition of his professional expertise. In addition, Udi is recognized as a leading expert in the CRISPR-Cas field, particularly as an expert in the adaptation step of the bacterial immune system. As such, he has reviewed dozens of articles in recent years for top journals and has been invited as a guest and speaker to numerous top conferences in the field. As an established and known expert in the CRISPR-community, Udi was chosen to Co-Organize the International 2016 CRISPR Meeting in Israel and the 2019 CRISPR-Technology Meeting in Germany.

The European Research Council recognized his excellence by awarding him an ERC Starting Grant, an ERC Consolidator Grant and an ERC PoC Grant. Udi was also appointed to Head the PhD Program of Tel Aviv University Medical Faculty. The leadership of Tel Aviv University recognized his achievements and promoted him as the youngest tenured Associate Professor at 38 years old. Thereafter, he became the youngest Full Professor in the Tel Aviv University Medical Faculty at 41 years old.