• Anti Microbial
    Resistance Pipeline

    Trobix Bio is developing therapeutics to tackle the Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR) threat. Driven by bacteria that always develop resistance to antibiotics, the AMR global crisis threatens to push humanity back to the pre antibiotic era. Our initial pipeline is focused on developing human therapeutic products that sensitize resistant bacteria to antibiotics. TBX101 is being developed as an orally available pill, targeting and sensitizing carbapenem and ESBL antibiotic resistant bacteria in gut carriers.

  • Oncology pipeline

    Effective oncology treatment is strongly influenced by the gut microbiome. Trobix Bio is developing a pipeline of innovative microbiome based therapeutics for various oncology indications.

  • Immune Modulation

    Trobix Bio is developing products that precisely deliver biotherapeutic payloads, targeting huge unmet need indications such as gut inflammation disorders.