Trobix Bio’s aim is to develop products that enhance or decrease the immune system local activity and drive local production of gut hormones, offering patients highly efficacious and safe treatments for cancer, inflammatory, and metabolic diseases with meaningful improvement of patients’ therapeutic outcomes and quality of life.

  • TBX 201

    TBX201 is designed to reduce the incidence and severity of severe diarrhea caused by irinotecan. Irinotecan is a first-line chemotherapy drug for the treatment of several metastatic cancer indications. Clinical use of irinotecan in over 100,000 patients annually is associated with life-threatening toxicity and treatment interruptions for many patients.

  • TBX 301

    TBX301 is designed to prevent the incidence and severity of colitis in patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). The number of patients receiving treatment with ICI, such as CLTA-4, PD1 or PDL1 inhibitors, is rapidly increasing, with currently over 1 million patients globally treated annually with ICI. Severe life-threatening and treatment-limiting colitis is one of the lead adverse reactions to ICI treatment.

  • TBX 401

    TBX401 designed to promote weight loss, as overweight affects over 2.5 billion people worldwide, a condition leading to increased type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and risk for cancer. Despite recently approved successful treatments, there is a real need for next gen obesity drugs. TBX401 is designed to continually produce a combination of gut hormones for superior weight loss management efficacy.

  • TBX 501

    TBX501 is designed to treat local and regional stage rectal cancer. Current treatment protocol, chemoradiotherapy and surgery, results in in severe loss in quality of life, high recurrence rates and complete clinical response in only 30% of cases. TBX501 is designed to drive continues in vivo production of IL-2, expected to increase immune response, probability for complete clinical response, and reduce the need for surgery in many cases.