Prof. Alex Lepak

Prof. Lepak is an active physician, educator, researcher, and leader of antimicrobial stewardship. His research pursuits are in performing and translating antimicrobial pharmacodynamic (PD) studies (both in vivo animal models and patient level data) to optimize therapy against numerous pathogens. Specifically, this research has included medically important fungal and bacterial pathogens, including those that are difficult to treat and/or have drug resistance determinants. An additional area of active study is antimicrobial drug development using in vivo animal models. His lab has evaluated hundreds of pre-clinical and clinical compounds and is internationally recognized for drug development and drug optimization via PK/PD approaches. Dr. Lepak’s studies have been internationally recognized with numerous invited presentations and over 130 publications and presentations at meetings.
Clinically, he attends regularly on all infectious disease consult services and is the director of antimicrobial stewardship at UWHealth. He leads quality improvement and research projects focused on improving antimicrobial and diagnostic test utilization. Based on his expertise in PK/PD and stewardship, he is a leader in GNR resistance mechanisms and treatment strategies. His leadership and expertise have led to national and international recognition and invitations to provide guidance for numerous groups including: USCAST, CLSI, GARDP-REVIVE, ICAAC, ECCMID, ASM, IDSA, and the US FDA.