Trobix Bio selected as a “one to watch” in this year’s Spinoff Prize

Trobix Bio selected as a “one to watch” in this year’s Spinoff Prize

Trobix Bio and Ramot at Tel Aviv University are proud to announce that Trobix Bio has been selected as a “one to watch” for the Nature Research Spinoff Prize. This award is a steppingstone for sharing the story behind Trobix Bio’s technology, and a pier testimonial to the unique approach the company is taking to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

The Spinoff Prize has been established by Nature Research in partnership with Merck KGaA, to showcase and celebrate global excellence in the commercialization of research through the creation of spinoff companies. The prize aims to provide visibility and support for academic entrepreneurs and their recently formed companies, worldwide. The competition judges selected 32 promising companies as “ones to watch”, Trobix Bio being one of them, as listed in Nature’s special report.

Trobix Bio is developing therapies to remove the threat of antimicrobial resistance, a global crisis strongly evidenced nowadays during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The company’s lead product, TBX101, aims to treat patients carrying gut antimicrobial resistant bacteria, resulting in an antibiotic sensitive gut microbiome. TrobixBio’s technology precision medicine minimizes resistance development to TBX101.

Trobix Bio is a spin-off company of Ramot, the technology-transfer office of Tel Aviv University.