Dr. Maoz Gelbart

Dr. Maoz Gelbart is a seasoned team leader with a versatile skill set spanning data science, bioinformatics, and software development. At Trobix Bio, Dr. Gelbart spearheads bioinformatics efforts, applying cutting-edge computational techniques to extract valuable insights from large biological data sets. His work enhances the success rates of experimental teams, informs experimental design and yields novel DNA constructs with specific biological functions.

He has held leadership positions in various tech companies, where he played a pivotal role in conceiving and developing software products driven by complex algorithms. His extensive expertise covers a wide spectrum of computational biology, including the development of advanced algorithms, the creation of data analysis pipelines, and the interpretation of complex genomic and proteomic data.

During his Ph.D. studies in bioinformatics and virus evolution at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Gelbart specialized in developing algorithms for analyzing genetic sequence data from viruses. His research provided crucial insights on their natural hosts and the selection pressures they exert.